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National transport

Every day, 100 of our ambassadors are on the road to make sure your goods reach their destination in Belgium with the best care.

What type of goods do you transport?

Whether you want to transport a full freight of building materials up to 3.5 meters, a heavy load of steel, ADR-goods (such as inflammable liquids) or one pallet through groupage transport: Multimodal Transports & Logistics is the place to be! We drive for all kinds of companies from all possible sectors.

Exceptional transport

According to the law, certain goods with particular measurements or demands have to be transported by exceptional transport. Multimodal Transports & Logistics has the needed legal permits and the capacity to transport your goods the correct way. Furthermore, our drivers are always on top of the latest legal requirements.

Groundbreaking track & trace systems

At Multimodal Transports & Logistics, you can always count on transparency and efficiency. Thanks to our innovative track & trace systems, you always know where your cargo is at. Next to that, our innovative data system makes sure that our driver is always taking the optimal route and the board documents are processed efficiently. That way, your goods will arrive at their destination as fast and as efficient as possible.

Do you have any questions about our national transport? Thanks to 60 years of experience, we have the expertise needed to advise you and offer a tailor-made solution. Contact us today!

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